Netflix on Android will now let users update profile setting from app itself: Here’s how


Netflix has announced a new feature for Android users, which will let them update their profile settings right in the app itself. Earlier in order to access the Account Settings or make updates to the profile users would have to open Netflix on a separate web browser and then make the changes. The new update gets rid of the tedious workaround.

Netflix also says that the new update hides the settings for adding or editing profiles when someone taps on a kids profile. This is being done to ensure that little ones don’t get access to changing settings should they get hold of the phone. According to a statement, Netflix says users will be able to change language or autoplay settings and set their profile preferences from the app itself.

How to change profile settings from Android App

Go to the latest version of Netflix and tap on your profile. Tap on manage profiles and then tap on the individual profile. You will see the following options:

Display: This lets users change the language of the text they see on the screen.

Audio + subtitle languages: This lets users choose languages they like to watch shows or movies in. Users can change accounts to preferred language (20+ options).

Autoplay next episode toggle: Control the way you want to continue watching.

Autoplay previews: Easily turn them off/on directly from your phone.

Change these as per your preference. The new feature is now available on all Android devices. Just make sure you are updated to the latest version of Netflix. You can then tap on the individual profile and access the new settings.

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